Monday, March 21, 2011


Danes. They seem to be everywhere. If they are not playing tennis in Indian Wells, they are writing books like "We the Drowned", or washing the dishes in my kitchen, or running NATO, or measuring the Universe (Tyco Brahe), or taking photos at Pondside.
 Today, we went shopping in the Department Store next door called "The Bay" and found a dress made by "NorgĂ„rd". I suppose it's like being pregnant and every other woman you meet is pregnant, or driving a new Volvo and the only cars you seem to notice on the roads are Volvos. Talking about driving: Interesting statistics: since September in BC about 8000 convictions were effected with the help of the RCMP for drunk driving. The penalty is 1. car impounded for 30 days 2. No driving for 90 days 3. Have to install a breathalyser ignition device to be used for 365 days. Now we have get the child to blow into the ignition before we can drive.....? .Not to worry, they've run out of ignition devices, and the waiting list is 42 days. They are building a new factory in Burnaby BC. Most people will have run out of money by then I expect.


Desiree said...

You're on a roll here, aren't you, Michael? Had a good chuckle at one of those Danes doing dishes in your kitchen (Hanne, make HIM do the dishes, while YOU go out and take pictures of the moon, to show him how it's done!) - I'm impressed with the measures taken to discourage/curb drunk driving, but I get your point re the installed breathalyser, as I guess everything's open to abuse/'ve given the perpetrator's a whole new slant...use a child!

H said...

I'm very impressed by the anti drink-drive measures. If a few more cars were impounded, people over here might think again!

(Having said that, drink-driving is less of a problem than it used to be. Now, it is not so socially acceptable to drive after drinking.)

jennyfreckles said...

Found time to visit at last! I'll have stroll in that nice store if you don't mind.