Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well it is almost April when they start blooming. Today, on the first day of Spring, I read a nice article in a local paper about bluebells in England. One can take a walk in East Sussex, visit Pashley Manor Gardens, or even take a ride on the famous Bluebell Railway. But our memories of bluebells are from the beech-woods of Derbyshire, where they are accompanied by wild onion flowers. Yesterday we just had to dream of bluebells as snow came down on the hills a quarter of an hour's drive away from our home. Then this morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at our favourite Kaleden restaurant, from which the saying was taken. It fits us like a glove!


Friko said...

No bluebells yet here in Shropshire. It's too early in the season. But the strap leaves are all over my banks already. Soon . . . Ah, Spring!

H said...

No bluebells here yet either, but it won't be too much longer now :)

Barbara said...

No bluebells or any other flower here either. My first childhood memories of spring time was the flowering of lilies of the valley in the woods around us in Germany. Why? because even though they had a lovely fragrance, I was told not to pick them because they were poisonous. Only grownups were allowed to touch them.