Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indian Wells

Indian wells is a small city in California, near Palm Springs, where every year about now they hold a professional tennis tournament attracting the world's top players. Hanne being Danish follows world number one Danish star Miss Carol Wozniacki who reached the semi-finals. Federer is doing well too. The population of Indian Wells (approx. 4000) would fit into the stadium there four times over! 
It would seem to be a nice place to live, in a beautiful sheltered valley with mountains on all sides, sunshine almost every day of the year, and only 6 mm of rain. One would wonder about water supply...
Someone must have hit the ball very hard there, because it landed in the fork of a tree by Skaha Lake the other day...We are not sure whose tennis shoe this is however....Alan or Chairman Bill Sherlock Holmes might be able to help?


H said...

Whoever the once-owner of the abandoned trainer, Nike made sure that there was no doubting the brand!

Desiree said...

10/10 for Keen Observation goes to...H!!!

6mm of rain per annum??? No, I wouldn't want to live there. I need a lot more rain than that to refresh my soul :)