Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Double Vision

Mahoney Lake Yesterday
Apart from the obvious medical kind, and the music group of that name, the idea of double vision can be extended. This is the subject of today's post. One can look at many things in two ways. 1. From one of the photos, you can see the black and white version. But this was derived from the colour version, ( not shown ). 2. You can look at today's colour photo up or down. Down, you see clouds reflected in Lake Skaha. Up, you see clouds in the sky. 3. This is what I saw in a dream, I think it was related to a documentary we watched on TV the night before about the coastline of the Baltic sea!
Skaha Lake Reflections?
Did you know you can have double vision in only one eye?
Well, we say hello to the Budget and good-bye to Elizabeth Taylor today. It looks like we are going to have a Spring Election in Canada. We may have to say good-bye soon to Qadaffi, but at the moment he is doing very well thank you.

Baltic Coast Dream
One final note: I hear professors in Leicester University may soon be all commenting on their students' work by means of audio-clips. How would you like to be able to comment on this blog with an audio-clip? Who knows, in the future we may all be using avatars on Second Life to comment even!


Desiree said...

Double vision? Single vision? It's narrow vision that ails the world!

Yes, yes! I hear you...I know I missed the whole point of today's post. Sorry!

H said...

I turned the laptop upside down and the Skaha Lake photo just about works both ways up.

Barbara said...

Tell us more about the Baltic Coast dream, please.

Michael and Hanne said...

There is a TV series called Baltic Coasts in which a lot of video is shot from above using helicopters or balloons. I thing this dream vision is from one of those shots of an island on the Baltic Coast