Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bassett House

The Kitchen
The Living Room

Yesterday we were invited by an 80-year old volunteer lady called Thelma to see inside the Bassett House, a part of the museum in Okanagan Falls. About a hundred years ago Mr. Richard Bassett had developed a successful freight and carriage company using horses, and found a wife, and needed a house. I don't know if you have catalogues where you are, but in Canada distances are so great people had to do mail-ordering of goods they needed, as the shops were often too far away. So Mr.Bassett ordered his house from the T. Eaton Company in this way, and it arrived in kit form, from somewhere like Winnipeg or Vancouver. First on a train, then on a sternwheeler on the lake, then on a horse-drawn wagon. It was put together here in Okanagan Falls in 1909, and is still livable I would say, and Hanne's daughter Elise was with us and she agreed! The Bassetts subsequently had five children and they were all brought up in this house. It was nice to go back to our grandparents' time and imagine living without electricity or cars.


Desiree said...

Oh, this is delightful! What a fascinating story - a house by mail order! LOVE IT!!! It looks so well cared for, I really wouldn't have any objection to living there myself, or spending a weekend there, as a little holiday! I wonder if Mrs Bassett was a mail order bride???

Thanks for a super post! Excellent photographs, too, as always! I love to click on the larger size and see all the details :)

Michael and Hanne said...

Did you click on the sternwheeler? Thanks Desiree for your encouragement!

H said...

Goodness. I could work out what a sternwheeler would be, but I didn't imagine it quite so big!

I love the house. The wooden walls are gorgeous and my grandma used to have a plaited rag rug similar to the one in this kitchen!

jennyfreckles said...

Such a lovely house - that would suit me, a little wooden place with a veranda. Things in there I can remember too, like the dresser and the rag rug and the glass lightshade.

Desiree said...

Came back and clicked on the sternwheeler...what an incredible contraption! It's massive!