Friday, March 25, 2011

Around and About

View from up Carmi Road of the area affected by the 1994 forest fire.
Hanne, Elise, and a large rock near Mahoney Lake
Adam and Elise at Mahoney Lake
Enough of history for just now. We are taking you around and about Penticton today. Up on the Western hills you come across areas still showing damage from a forest fire back in1994; still snowy in late March (see above). Now South -East to a delightful ramble around Mahoney Lake, in amongst Ponderosa Pines and Mahonia bushes. A few early Sagebrush Buttercups were in bloom. Later (end of April) the woods will be full of Balsam Root's beautiful yellow flowers. We enjoyed a pleasant visit from Hanne's daughter Elise and her long-time partner Adam, who are gazing at the lake in the photo.


jennyfreckles said...

It all looks very scenic. Amazing how nature begins to regenerate after fires. The water level in the lake looks low?
I meant to mention I love your header pic.

H said...

Your part of the world is very beautiful.

I was wondering, is Elise a Danish name? It isn't common in UK, but I actually teach an Elise at the moment.

Michael and Hanne said...

JF: Yes it is low, the edges are coated with salt deposits.
H: Elise is a European name, most popular in Belgium.

Friko said...

Wonderful big country, a place to get lost in, not like our gentle English hills.

Desiree said...

How lovely knowing you had your daughter and her partner to spend some time with you. The scenery is marvellous. That rock is huge! And it was good to see all the new green shoots popping enthusiastically out of the tree branches, heralding the arrival of spring!

Enjoy your weekend!