Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pseudonym or Anonym

Lupins at Linden

Hey! The Daisies are out!

Honey Locust is popular around here

Some people would call this a riot of colour!
The Authorities need us to be nominous and faceful  to coin a word or two, in the name of security. Those of us who are subversive rebels go for pseudonyms or anonymity. We have to have passports and clear identities for some purposes, no hoodies or burkas allowed. But nowadays there are really good reasons for masking. Certain music groups maintain that by wearing masks they direct your attention to the music and away from the musicians' identities. That has been and still is easier for artists, whose paintings have always been somewhat disassociated from their identities. Also writers often like to be faceless and anonymous. I think that as a really good idea. If you really want to know about them, there's always Wikipedia, if you are lucky. But with the advent of Facebook and other on-line clouds, our identities have become all too public. Hence the drift to anonymity. On Blogspot, SmugMug, and other places many are refusing to reveal their faces, names, or place of abode. Unfortunately it makes some of us uncomfortable, communicating with an unknown. After all, face to face communication is more real and the only proper way. But hey, pseudonyms and anonymity have been around for a while, like centuries! Let's get used to it!

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