Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best

How does one decide the best? It must be quite difficult. What do Copenhagen, several places in Spain, New York, Italy and London have in common? You've guessed it, the best ten restaurants in the world are there. For three years in a row, Noma in Copenhagen came out top. One in London came ninth, one in Spain second....
Hillside Winery Catering Department

The Best Winery Bistro in town? Hillside Winery with Cherry Blossom

Flowers outside the best restaurant in Penticton- Athens Creek Lodge!

Sign welcoming visitors to Oliver
Well May is here, and May Day riots are almost over, a few more suicide bombers have blown themselves up, and the French Presidency is up in the air. Some new month. At least the flowers are in order.... I wonder which is the best flower? A Bird of Paradise?
Oh by the way, if you like taking photos in the North Yorkshire Moors you simply have to watch these crazy Brits.


Anonymous said...

I have been to a few penticton restaurants but my favorite has to be the Lakeside resort.

Roger Pace said...

I've heard a little bit about penticton restaurants, but don't really know what they are. So thank you for posting this! I found it helpful