Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring in the Garden

View over Okanagan Lake from the Japanese Garden

Ornamental Pool

Flowering Tree

Western Entrance
We are excited there is only a week left before our beloved Linden Gardens open again for the 2012 season. In the meantime we explored our Penticton Japanese Garden and took a few photos to share...
There are lots of daffodils and crocuses out now, the Star Magnolias and Forsythia bushes are in full glory, and a few Cherry trees are starting to open their pink blossoms.
Another photo of the yellow flowering bush is here.


Pat MacKenzie said...

It's nice to finally see the blossoms. As we were leaving Osoyoos/Oliver on Monday we noticed a few of the cherry trees in the orchards were sporting pretty pink blossoms.

I posted some nice reflection pictures of Skaha Lake while we were there too, and Green Lake, Purple Lake and White Lake.

Michael and Hanne said...

Thanks Pat! I saw your shots. We were at Green Lake today!