Saturday, April 14, 2012


Penticton View over Skaha Lake (Photoshop CS3 Edit)

Yesterday we had ideal conditions for photography, lots of light and colour, and beautiful clouds. Today's post is about comparing two photos, both edited on Photoshop ($1000) and also on Aperture 3 ($80). See which you like the best, or even if you can tell the difference. The ones on Photoshop have to be better because the software cost ten times as much, right?...
Now I myself did not compare these edits until I saw them beside each other on this post, so I was quite surprised to see the difference in colour and contrast. The view of Penticton was also cropped differently!
Penticton View over Skaha Lake (Aperture 3 Edit)
White Lake Road (Aperture 3 Edit)
White Lake Rd (Photoshop CS3 Edit)


FilipBlog said...

I prefer prefer the cs3 edit. Good new header picture.


jennyfreckles said...

That's the trouble with editing - I end up not being sure which I like best! For the record, I prefer the PS top one (colour and clarity) and the colours in the PS bottom one but the first version of the 2nd photo appears to show more detail in the rocks and tree.