Monday, April 9, 2012

Skaha Bluffs

This chap didn't seem to need any ropes... (Marmot)

This chap needed lots of advisors and lots of ropes.

A lady rappelling

Lunch Break?
Rock-climbing is very popular here. There is a large selection of climbs available of all levels of difficulty, often with strange names. Yesterday we went to the "Day Care" and took a few photos. It is only about six kilometres from home. There are two large car parks provided for climbers, and they were both almost full. Everybody seems about 18-28 years old, and one lady very kindly asked us if we were going rock-climbing, so I said "sure"....


H said...

Only 6km from climbs... My lads would be ecstatic :)

Filip Demuinck said...

You should never judge people on their age. Everything is possible. Good pictures.


Alan Burnett said...

Our Mutual friend H has often tried to explain to me the delights of rock climbing but I have always been of the opinion that if the pub is so difficult to get to that you have to climb a cliff face to get there, you should simply find another pub.