Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Barns

The Red Barn with matching Old Truck.

Old Farm Buildings, Armstrong

Black and White Version

Old Farm, Salmon River Road Armstrong
Old buildings have always fascinated me, especially old barns. There are so many in B.C. I also like windows. They can have interesting curtains, shutters, reflections, and interior views. Once I saw a window in an old upstairs restaurant. The window was open, and one could see a couple at a window table enjoying a meal together. When the photo of the scene was enlarged, one could see the menu. If one had a high resolution camera, one could have read the menu and seen what the couple were eating.  That sounds like the new camera technology they are soon to install in space, so we had better all watch out and behave ourselves, as it will be in real time, not like Google Street View. My son found a Street View image of his best friend washing his car in the driveway recently. His face was blurred out but he could be recognized by his hair!. What was this about "Big Brother Is Watching You" ? It is all coming to be!

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H said...

Big brother, yes. Delayed by almost 30 years though. Must be a government scheme!