Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lee Creek Walk

Yesterday we walked in the sunshine up Lee Creek once again, to keep out of the cold wind. Unfortunately the gully seemed to collect the cold air at the bottom so it felt like below freezing! Later we went shopping and the stores were full of children, as the teachers are on strike in BC. I think they want smaller class sizes and more money, but apparently the government doesn't have enough money as they are spending it on other things like new roads and hospitals.
Did you get your iPad yet? The definitive model called "iPad" came out yesterday. Now you don't need a keyboard, you just dictate to it, providing you don't have a strong accent!
It only weighs 4.6lbs.....
Blue waters. looking North on Okanagan Lake at Three Mile Beach

More Clay Bluffs

Lee Creek

Hanne feeling the warmth of the sun. ( All Photos edited on Aperture 3 and emailed in )


Filip Demuinck said...

A small waterfall but great capture.


H said...

I'm loving the pictures of Hanne.