Friday, March 23, 2012


I calculated that in UK they now have to pay $2.21 for a litre of petrol. (Canadian Dollars).
Here we are paying $1.28. We need more electricity for electric cars, so it is good news that Gamesa is to build a new off-shore wind farm in Scotland. Eventually electricity will be cheaper than oil.
Meanwhile in the USA, the President has approved half a pipeline. Interesting....

If you like clouds, and here are a few photos of clouds, there is a new book out called "The Cloud Collector's Handbook" by Gavin Pretor-Pinney (Sceptre). You have to be out-doors to collect them, which is a good thing, like walking and cycling. That could be "Life-changing", as H says.
Shingles Creek Rd

"All at once I saw a Cloud"...

Walking South, KVR Trail
Meanwhile indoors, my photos stream to the "Cloud"....

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Filip Demuinck said...

In Belgium and in the Netherlands, we pay exactly the same price as in the UK.