Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Another Bridge

The Andrew McCulloch Wooden Trestle

Supporting Concrete

Looking South towards the snow-laden clouds!

View of Okanagan Lake from the Trestle
We explored the Andrew McCulloch Trestle in Penticton yesterday. It was restored recently and named after a civil engineer from Kingston Ontario. He lived from 1864 until 1945, and is buried in the cemetery close by with a view of Okanagan Lake. It was used by the KVR until 1916, now it is a recreational structure for walkers and cyclists, overlooking vineyards and orchards, and the beautiful lake beyond.


Alan Burnett said...

We could have a game of bridge. You could post one of your wonderful trestle bridges and I could match with a West Yorkshire stone viaduct. Not sure how we could decide who won - but who needs winners

Filip Demuinck said...

The third picture is the best, an endless bridge with super clouds.


H said...

Alan's idea is an excellent one! We readers would be the winners :)