Saturday, December 3, 2011


Complexity of dealing with Fossil Fuels. ( Somewhere in Alberta)

Wind makes Weather (Sylvan Lake Storm)

250MW Wind Turbines, Pincher Creek Alberta. They pay for themselves in seven years.

More Wind Turbines, Rocky Mountains in the Distance
There is a surplus of Wind, especially the hot air variety, wherever politicians are to be found airing their opinions. Why not harness some of that wasted power to make electricity? If electric cars can save the wasted heat from putting their brakes on to make more electricity, surely we can harness all that surplus hot air. Seriously though, wind turbines have been successfully making electricity for over twenty years now, and offer an economical i.e money-saving way of making electricity. This is particularly and eminently applicable to today's world, when money is in short supply, and fossil fuels are getting steadily more expensive. In Alberta the cost of electricity has gone up 88% in five years. It is painfully obvious that we shall be paying more for petrol, gasoline, and diesel, as we are the ones that will be paying for all these new oil pipelines which cost billions of dollars to build and maintain. So why not avoid all these expenses and make electricity the sustainable and cost-saving way using the sun's power directly? These politicians need some common sense. Make decisions that help all our pocket books. Everyone will be happy. The planet will save itself.


Desiree said...

And there are those who complain about the blot on the landscape and the noise and flashing lights of the turbines. So many opinions and no agreement. Just like the politicians, everyone has an agenda.

Filip Demuinck said...

The windmillls with the mountains are so nice.