Friday, December 2, 2011

White or Black?

Snow on the Dogwood

Christmas Ornaments from Denmark

Snow on the Mountain Ash

Snow on Something
One has to choose. In Chess for example. White always starts first....
In Mary Queen of Scots' time, it was appropriate to choose a white dress whilst mourning the deaths of family. I think today maybe in Japan too.
 But elsewhere in the Western World black was the color of mourning until around the 1950's.
In general terms, in the past mostly , black was bad, evil, associated with witches casting wicked spells using black magic; the Black Death, Black Friday ( when riots take place, or the stock market falls), Blackshirts, Pirates' flags, Goth and Punk clothing, bad cow boys' hats, blackmail, depression, the black sheep in the family, and so on. Mystery is associated with things such as the Black Box.
However there are good connotations too. Black clothes are used to look smart, as when playing classical music in a concert hall, or attending official dinners; or to convey authority, for Hasidic Jews; Judges, Lawyers, Ministers of religion ( however, Bishops wear white for purity?) ; black belts are worn in Judo, Tae Kwon Do ( if you wear a white belt you are a novice as also in nuns' surplices) ; and  for English Football Referees' and policemen's uniforms.
In Fashion however, black dresses are said to be "stylish, sexy, elegant, and powerful". So you choose. Today, I chose white, for the photos all have snow on them from early December. Not now. Not here. But in 2008 in Armstrong!


Desiree said...

I really love these posts in which you discuss and compare differences and similarities. You make me think about things I don't normally think about. You have this down to a fine art.

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Da gibt es den berühmten Song von "Los Bravos, Balck is Black".
Das kam mir gerade in den Sinn, als ich bei dir so viel von "black" gelesen habe.
Früher heirateten die Frauen auch in Schwarz.
Herrliche "weisse" Fotos!
Liebe Grüsse