Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Old Willow by Athens Creek

Snow-bound Rose-Hips in our Garden

Snow on leaves. A pattern for your next coffee mug, dining room wall, or pajamas?
Snow also falls just like leaves, so today's photos are about the combination. In Alberta I remember snow coming down first, then the leaves blowing down on top of the snow later. Here the snow is on top.

I read in today's paper that the British Medical Association is recommending a no-smoking law for drivers. I am recommending getting rid of drivers. That would be much safer. We would have fewer forest fires for sure. We already have computer-driven trains. I'm not sure how car-computers would deal with ice-patches on the road though. Black ice is an invisible scourge of roads at this time of the year, especially on the hills of Ecclesall Road in Sheffield. The new road engineers here insist on putting smoother black roads down for our summer convenience. In fine weather they are quieter and safer. But try driving at night in heavy rain, or in winter on ice. Life is all about compromises I suppose. As in a combination of snow and leaves.


Barbara said...

totally original and lovely picture of snow on leaves. Keep us inspired; the seasons each have their own total charms and you are very, very good at capturing those wonderful moments.

Alan Burnett said...

I have to agree with you about getting rid of cars. I would be happy to get rid of mine today : as I will be driving down Ecclesall Road into Sheffield, but I have little choice. But looking out of the window there may be plenty of leaves but hopefully no snow.