Friday, November 11, 2011


A historic day, numerically. There will be one more like it next year:- 12.12.12. Then that's it for all of us for a millenium.
11.11.11. Auspicious for the superstitious and the gambling folk. Otherwise known as Remembrance Day. Whilst we are counting, 158 Canadians soldiers died in Afghanistan since 2002. Meanwhile about 2000 died on Canadian Roads. We are not going to tell how many died in the World Wars, but if you look up on a clear night, you will see all those twinkling stars. That's where they all are now.
Veterans Remembering. (Spean Bridge Scotland. 2011.) Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/ Getty Images

Vancouver Island. November 2010.

Digital Painting November 2011
Here are some photos for today, my favorite is from Spean Bridge in Scotland. The second is from last November in Victoria. Not bad. Only six more for this year. The last is a painting I finished yesterday, showing color from a Skaha Lake Autumn in Kaleden...


Filip Demuinck said...

Very nice pictures. This is the 3rd article I see today about the war and veterans. In Ypre (Ieper) in Belgium we are also remembering WOI.


Desiree said...

All three pictures are marvellous but I especially like the digital art one.