Friday, October 7, 2011

Sooke Harbour House

Sooke Harbour House Restaurant

Our table by the windows

Interesting displays and flowers by the door

Killer Whale Carving in the garden, Sooke Harbour House behind
Last Monday amongst other treats we were taken to Sooke Harbour House for a special luncheon. The restaurant there is utterly and purely gourmet, probably the best food to be had anywhere is found there, and film stars fly in from Hollywood just for their evening meal! We had, get this," Pan Fried Ling Cod with a grilled scallop salsa; pearl onion and potato croquettes; swiss chard and baby carrots, tiny halved tomatoes; crab and stinging nettle veloute ( a sauce) and leek oil. It was decorated with geranium petals and a sprig of unidentified herb. For dessert we had carrot cake, with walnuts and icing, decorated with marigold petals and raspberry swirls; Hanne had artistically cut up apples. Special coffee to finish." The cooking and flavours were out of this world. As you can see, the surroundings are spectacular as it is set in beautiful gardens right on the seashore, (see link above) with salmon swimming along the edges of the gravel paths even! Each room in the hotel has its own unique decor, for instance it could represent the ocean floor with crabs and seaweed and starfish everywhere, also each room has its own hot pool out on the deck overlooking the sea, prices vary from $190 to $350 a night! Lucky we didn't have to stay overnight!

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Desiree said...

What a treat! Such a lovely spot and you had the best table in the room, by the looks of it...intimate and with marvellous views. The meal sounded delightful, too, although I must admit to feeling a little prickly at the mention of the stinging nettle sauce! Who'd ever think to use them in cooking? But what do I know! The carrot cake won me over big time's a favourite in SA! Lovely, lovely pictures as always and super to see Hanne in two of them.