Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marble Halls

Ocean Front Patio; The "Best Western Premium Prestige Ocean Front Resort", Sooke BC

Foyer with Hanne and Added Cushions, Candelabra, etc

Ionic Capital, 2011 ( Concrete ) Interpretations welcome!

View from our Balcony, Third Floor.
We are safely returned to Penticton, in spite of snow on the road at higher elevations, and here are a few photos of the hotel we stayed at in Sooke BC. The marble columns outside seemed to be made of concrete, but looked stately enough. The marble-tiled floors were real. In the foyer there was a wooden floor with what looked like deer footprints patterned on each segment; quite effective. The staff seemed to be all about sixteen years old, but maybe I'm just getting older. It was all very comfortable and jolly, and we stayed for three nights. My knowledge of ionic capitals is somewhat deficient, but I'm sure there's someone out there who can interpret their meaning, even though they are dated 2011. More about our trip tomorrow.


(B)engeltje said...

It looks like you are going to have a great time........the hotel looks beautiful.
Enjoy your stay.
Bianca xx

Filip Demuinck said...

Looks like a very nice hotel, I didn't expect this from Best Western.


Alan Burnett said...

It looks absolutely magnificent and it is now very much on my "must go" list. And when I do, I know which hotel I will want to stay in. Thanks for the photos.

Barbara said...

Was all this splendor included in your tour? I am guessing you will be planning more trips with this company. For others around the world it must seem impossible that a place so isolated and removed from the multitudes can offer such foods and surroundings.

Desiree said...

How does Hanne get it right, every time, blending so perfectly with her surroundings? The hotel looked very smart! I'm not au fait with classical columns, so am not going to offer an interpretation, thank you very much :) I do like them best in their historical context though, although some modern designs do manage to incorporate them quite pleasingly. Marble is always graciously elegant! I hope the 16 year old staff members treated you well and in accordance with the elegant design of the hotel?