Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Place to Stay for Ever

A Red-Tile Roofed House, A Cone-Shaped Conifer, A Car, and a Camper, with only one Cloud in the Sky.
What more could you wish for?
A Canoe or a Kayak, Orchards and Vineyards on the hills behind.

Nice Clouds in the Sky, Old Boats to visit.

And Breakfast on Sunday at the Golf Club. Penticton has it all....?
Purple Loosestrife
 The only one thing is: we have some European/Asian Invaders polluting our Lakesides. They are called Purple Loosestrife. A very pretty flower anyway, so I shouldn't complain....
Oh by the way, don't forget to click on the photos to make them bigger!


(B)engeltje said...

Penticton definitly has it al.....it looks to me like a wonderfull place to spend some time..
My husband and I love to play golf, so maybe some day !!!???
Greetings from Holland, Bianca xx

Alan Burnett said...

It looks wonderful to me. Every so often I need to look Penticton up on Google maps because somehow I can't believe it is where it is. It is not at all like I imagined that part of the world. Much richer, much more full of contrasts. Beautiful really.

Claudia Moser said...

Simply gorgeous!

Desiree said...

What a laidback way to pass a sunny day :)