Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hanne on the Channel Pathway

Okanagan River by the Pathway in Penticton


? Ornamental Crab (next to our house)
Today's blog is about "home." Two fellow-bloggers touched on the topic yesterday, Alan Burnett and "Tabor". I think the main definition is " our place of origin,"  so ours is England and Denmark. But we have created between us many other homes along the way, in Sheffield, Clayworth, Cambridge, Montreal, Winnipeg, Huddersfield, Holland, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Calgary, Edmonton, Pigeon Lake, Nanaimo, Armstrong, and Penticton. ( You may rightly comment "a rolling stone gathers no moss"). These are places we called home for a while, "a place where you could open the door and throw your hat in"; "a place where the heart is"; " a place where I want to be"; "a place where they have to take you in ( Tabor)"; or, " home is wherever I'm with you" etc. etc.
Here are a few photos from yesterday, in our present home surroundings. I wonder where Kate and William will call home? Where do you call home?

" A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it"
Harold B Lee 1899-1973

"Life's a voyage that's homeward bound"
Herman Melville 1819-1891

"There's no place like home"
John Howard Payne 1791-1852


Desiree said...

You have certainly travelled extensively and made your home in diverse places! What led you to retire in Penticton? My Dad has 'itchy feet' and always claimed he could never remain in one place for longer than 10 years. We lived in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa when I was growing up. My husband and I built and have lived in our house for 28 years and do not envisage that we'll move any time soon. In our combined family, we are the oddities as everyone else has lived and travelled all over.

H said...

I've lived my whole life in England; Derby, Lancaster, Widnes, Old Trafford, London, Eccles, Old Trafford (again) and back to Derby. I'm not planning on moving any time soon.

Angela Häring-Christen said...

Zu Hause ist man dort, wo man sich wohl fühlt.
Ich lebe gerne in der Schweiz.
Andere Menschen und Länder interessieren mich aber sehr.
Herzliche Grüsse