Friday, May 6, 2011


Too many events now seem to be gathering together in close succession, and on top of this:- anniversaries; the news reader may get confused. The fall-out from Osama's death brings out memories and inquests of 7/7, 9/11, and submerges news of sunamis, earthquakes, and floods. Then we have the political changes in Scotland, Canada, North Africa, and the Middle East to cope with. Time for a rest. Back to the drawing board. Or perhaps the monitor screen for a new digital painting. Hope you like the colors!  The Lost Moose Restaurant has this old horse-carriage outside. You can see Okanagan Lake way down below in the distance...( A long time ago our Sam (Golden Retriever/Lab cross) met a lost moose in the woods at Pigeon Lake Alberta. He ran up to it and barked. The moose looked down his long nose at Sam with utter contempt. Sam ran back to us for help!.....)
PS don't forget Chelsea are playing Manchester United this week-end!....


Desiree said...

Love it! And the reference to Sam ;) What a sweet memory!

H said...

I love the mental picture of a disdainful moose!

Now let me see... Chelsea or Man U? No contest!!