Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunburn in April?

Tree Elf, Okanagan River at OK Falls

New Willow Tresses

Well I expect you Englanders will be dipping in the sea, eating ice-cream, and sun-bathing this coming long week-end, so don't forget your sun-block cream! Meanwhile in the Okanagan it is still cool and today started at minus one Celsius. All this coolness is from the jet-stream flowing over our heads, and South of the border more tornadoes are on their way. Our new hazard just now is the start of tick season. Walking in "nature" one can acquire these sweet little critters, which can bite and give one Lime disease amongst other nice things. I had my first one a week ago but he walked away on the carpet somewhere, without biting me ! But at least we aren't threatened by overhead helicopter gunships securing the Royal Wedding, and we don't have any demonstrations to deal with, and no petrol rationing like in Nepal, so we have to be very thankful....


Desiree said...

You certainly have put things in perspective :)
Super the shade of that peeping elf's shawl!

H said...

Over here, the sun is certainly hot enough to burn. I have taken care while gardening, but it is lovely to feel the heat of the sun on my back.

Like Desiree, I love the colour of your tree elf's wrap!