Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paschal Easter

View from Old Kaleden Road of Skaha Lake

Penticton from Linden Gardens

Paris and Ellen with a large planting of Primroses, Linden Garden

Linden Tulips
Michael, Ellen, Paris, having coffee, photo by Hanne

Easter is the season upon us. Named after the pagan fertility goddess of Spring, "Oestre". Thus Easter means simply Spring. ( Nothing to do with compass direction.) In many European languages, Easter is called "Pashka", with spelling variations of course. This is derived from the Jewish word for Passover, which in Danish is Påske. Danes celebrate it by decorating with daffodils, which are named Paschal Lillies. Hence too in Jewish and Christian terminology, the sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb.
So we have two competing word groups for this time. Even more confusing perhaps is Pashka meaning a delicious Russian dessert eaten around now...
Yesterday we enjoyed Oestral Flowers and Paschal sunshine on our walk on the Old Kaleden Road, afterwards for coffee at our lovely Linden Gardens' "Frog City" restaurant, including a walk amongst the blossoms and bulbs...
Yesterday's photos start here.


Angela Häring-Christen said...

Das ist eine schöne Gegend.
Da würde ich auch gerne spazieren gehen und Kaffee trinken.
Einfach super.

H said...

I love the pond with the small bridge and I bet that flower bed smells delightful with all of those hyacinths. Great photos.

jennyfreckles said...

What glorious wide open spaces. Makes me want to take deep breaths of fresh air (we have smog here!)

Desiree said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the glorious gardens and the beautiful views on the walk. I imagine everything will be even lovelier a few weeks down the line! As with H, I also liked the bridge spanning the pond, but could not help noticing there are no handrails for the elderly. My FIL is 94, still enjoys outings, but is unsteady and dependent on his walker.

I found your discourse on the origin of the word, Easter very informative :)