Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bunnies to you too!

Wait for me Hanne!

Yesterday was bike ride day. The weather was perfect. Fifteen Celsius. We only did ten kilometers so our bums aren't too sore, unlike Hanne's daughter Elise and her Adam, who also went biking in Vancouver, but now are a bit tender in the nether regions. The roads here were full of bikes as there was a marathon in progress. Enjoy your Resurrection Time/ Chocolate Easter Eggs. Love from us two. (We wish our grand-daughter Jenessa all the best for her Soccer Tournament at the Coast.)

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Desiree said...

Oh, aren't you two just the show-offs of all time :) I am so impressed that you feel brave enough to ride your bikes on such uneven terrain. I'm too scared to mount a bike at all! Both of my parents rode their bikes well past their 60's and my Dad still rides at 80. Mum stopped after falling badly on two separate occasions. The first, just bad bruising, but the second time, she cracked her ribs and decided it was time to quit. She still does aerobics, walks and plays table tennis - their lifelong enthusiasm for fitness sadly missed me :(