Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday we visited Osoyoos or "The Narrowing of the Waters" as it means when translated.   ( By the way " Canada" comes from an Iroquois word meaning "Village" or "Settlement" ).
The Peninsula of Haynes Provincial Park, Osoyoos

The Town of Osoyoos

A Weed Cleaning Boat
It was a warm Spring-like day with no wind. We walked on a peninsula  jutting out into the lake from the West, with a natural beach on either side. Looking South one can see all the way right into the United States of America, no passport, iris photo, or finger-prints required.
The peninsula is called Haynes Provincial Park, after Judge John Carmichael Haynes of 19th Century fame. (See earlier post). There were a few dog-walkers, parents and small children with bicycles, and a couple of girls drinking coffee, otherwise a very peaceful and relaxing spot. One mother was staggering along with a heavy child. When questioned about this she said  "Oh, she doesn't want to ride her bike any more"
Another young father was seen shouting and gesticulating, running after a car doing 50km/hr in a 20km/hr speed zone. Otherwise it was very peaceful, no wind, the few waves there were unable to lap on the beach because they were too sleepy!


Desiree said...

There are those astounding colours again! They don't look REAL to me! It's so, SO beautiful. No wonder it's all generally so peaceful...who could possibly get riled surrounded by that tranquility? (discounting the 'lunatic' driver and the angry father in hot pursuit!) Love your 'sleepy waves' analogy!!!

Hope you have another great day, today!

Friko said...

I like it that you were people-watching, somehow that makes life so much more interesting. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful area.

Barbara said...

I love your music. it creates such tranquility while I am looking at your pictures. I am creating a playlist now as well - but - the first thing I chose was Louis Armstrong and he does not really fit into the beauty of the Okanagan. I must find something else. Thanks for your tips.

H said...

Osoyoos is such an attractive name. It rolls off the tongue :)