Sunday, April 3, 2011

Heart in a Rock

More out and about pictures. This time with music! This is our very first playlist. Hope you enjoy it!
We found this heart-shaped stone nestled in a rock on our walk. Some romantically minded person came before us!
Heart of the Rock

Truly ready for Summer?

The Boat-Port
You may remember an old photo of these two chairs covered in snow by an icy lake. Now all is ready for Spring! All the snow and ice are finally gone for good. The third photo shows what happens near lakes in Canada. Car-ports change to boat-ports!


Desiree said...

I cannot get over the colours...such soft muted tones compared with the far brighter, harsher colours we have. That second picture is particularly beautiful and a great example of what I'm referring to. Like a water colour painting! The heart shaped rock is almost too good to believe. Do you really think anyone would have gone to the trouble of shaping it so perfectly and then leaving it behind? Is it not possibly a naturally shaped rock worn down by the ravages of time? That, too, seems inconceivable. Aren't you observant to have found it? It makes for a lovely photograph!

I feel so happy for you. Your beautiful world is reawakening so nicely after the long winter sleep.

Sadly, I'm unable to access the music! :(

Friko said...

Looks like you are ready for spring, if not for summer.

our photos are wonderful and so are the subjects of the photos. Beautiful, soft, dreamy is the lake, I could see myself sitting in these chairs, mulling over and losing all my problems in the blue water.

What a playlist!

H said...

I love the second photo. It is so still and calm and open.

Incidentally, is the end of the jetty supposed to slope like that? I can just imagine some peaceful evening stroll coming to a very sudden cold, wet end!

It's a bit late to be opening music here, so I shall have to listen to your playlist on another occasion. (You seem quite keen on Chopin!)

Michael and Hanne said...

To H:- 1) Yes it needs fixing! 2) Yes I am keen on Chopin, I play a lot of it on the Piano. But wait. There are many more playlists to come! Maybe you like electronic music, or jazz?

Barbara said...

Thanks so much for your amazing eyes and ears. I always feel uplifted when you Two share your daily moments. I have no idea how to create playlists, so here is another challenge to keep me on my toes.

Alan Burnett said...

Hi Michael & Hanne, Sorry I have not been to visit recently but I lost you. Somehow I got rid of your old blog link but didn't manage to get your new blog link and therefore I have been looking for you for days. Found you again and you are re-established to my list. Alan

Michael and Hanne said...

Welcome back Alan! Did you get our monthly newsletter? all our websites are on there as links if you ever lose us again. Our blogspot address is also on our emails.