Monday, March 28, 2011


There are quite a few different sports using wind. Here on Skaha lake kite-surfing is popular in the winter months, and wind-surfing and para-sailing in the summer. Then there is para-gliding and sail-boarding and kite-boarding. It is all very confusing. We may have a go at para-sailing this year as they use a boat to take off from- no running along the beach...

Yesterday we were watching some chaps kite-surfing and here are a few photos. They manage to jump quite a distance up into the air, it is quite amazing. Maybe they should also have a parachute ( a defense against a fall 1807)

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Desiree said...

That water looks freezing and so choppy! What would possess anyone to go out on the water in those conditions!

Thank you for the beautiful Jacquie Lawson ecard you sent me. What a delightful and totally unexpected surprise! I had a super day and will be heading off to bed in a short while. My poor husband gave up waiting for me more than an hour ago and now I'll need to tiptoe in so I don't wake him.

Enjoy your special time with your daughter and other family members from around the globe. I suspect you're celebrating something BIG!


Des xoxo