Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Over!

Finally we are finished! The suspense is over! The world can go back to normal work/fight mode! Barack is Back! The best is yet to come!!
Sides of the Trail

Orchard with Sage Brush

KVR Trail

Fence Posts

The Red Tree

House in the Hills

The Wooden Bridge
Here are a few photos from our walk yesterday on West Bench KVR trail. The weather so far is pleasant and warm and dry for November.


Filip and Kristel said...

When I look at your picture, I doubt it can become better than this :-)


Alan Burnett said...

How is it that I can go away for a month, hurricanes can batter the very shores of North America, elections can take place, summer can turn into winter - and yet you can still take photographs as magnificent as these. It just isn't fair.