Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keremeos Transformations

Carving at Keremeos Municipal Building


David's Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit Trees Transforming

Bull  with Fall Tree
Our most recent visit to Keremeos was to replenish our fruit stocks at David's Fruit Stall. Along the way we had a bit of rain, and some great photo ops. Yesterday we had our first sight of snow on top of Apex Mountain, which can be seen from our window. It is already snowing in the Rockies.
We are entering a time of change, transformations are taking place everywhere. We had a transformational experience last evening at the first symphony concert of the season, with butterflies changing into tropical storms (by Randolph Peters) and Beethoven's wonderful 6th Symphony , also with thunder and lightning.
 We are into a changing weather pattern. Today it is 0 Celsius for the first time since last winter. I also downloaded a book by the now famous Hilary Mantel, called "A Change of Climate".
 New technology is replacing the old. We now have Windows 8 and the touch screen Surface tablet upon us. Whatever happened to the poor old laptop? And so we are being slowly transformed into our future selves, hopefully better than the old!

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