Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Outdoors

Ski-Jumping into Okanagan Lake! This person is doing a twist in the air before getting doused!

Outdoor (En Plein Air) Painting
Also known as "Peinture sur le motif"

Para-Gliding ( They are about to get their feet dipped! )


What is your outdoor activity this summer? We have had several problems here already-: a drowned seventy three year old paddle-boarder in Okanagan Lake, a lost twelve-year old girl in Skaha Lake, and a couple of fractured lumbar vertebrae in youths jumping off a cliff into another lake, not to mention two rock-climbers falling to their deaths in Canmore ( they didn't have their ropes safe. )
So here are a few images of the good things that go on around here in summer, just to balance things out!

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Filip and Kristel said...

That skijump really looks dangerous.