Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Why are we so obsessed with ruins? It has been going on at least since the 18th Century in travel, art, and of course much longer in Archeology. Even Shakespeare was writing about ruins before that.There were even people who built "Ruins" for decoration of their property!
In photography we like the textures of age, especially on the surfaces of buildings. If there isn't enough we add it using filters and digital enhancement like HDR. We seem to be obsessed with "patina."
Here are some photos of Detroit's ruins published recently.
Wooden Building showing some Weathering

Old Car Wreck

Barn Roof Shingles Falling Off
In 1953 Rose Macauly published a book called " The Pleasure of Ruins." Check it out.
  Today here are a few of our photos of surfaces altered by the ravages of time....


L. D. Burgus said...

The texture and color is interesting in weathered items. Sometimes I do get tired of it but it works well to give character to items and places. I do like old things so old patena is great to see.

Alan Burnett said...

Perhaps as we get older we connect with the patina of age and perhaps we rejoice in the discover that there can be beauty in age.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Love the photos. I think I might want to check out that book. Sounds interesting and I do love ruins.