Monday, July 23, 2012


Rose with ears

Mariposa Lily
 ( Calochortus macrocarpus )
Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly; macrocarpus means large seed; the three pointed parts are sepals.

Our Resident Great Horned Owl (With Horns folded Back)

Design for Shoe Shop Display

Verbascum thapsus ( Mullein) (Grows to eight feet)
Lots of interesting flowers are about. Now we have time to look. The Tour de France and the British Open Golf being over. Won't have time next week what with the London Olympics. Didn't know this was their third Olympics until the other day. The last one was when I was 16. How time flies! Oh by the way, our resident pair of owls took notice of our new putting course, especially the box of golf balls on the table. They must have thought they were turtle eggs as they spilled the whole box-full of about twenty onto the grass!  Above is one of them sitting on the fence near the golf balls....


Filip and Kristel said...

Nice flowers, but the owl is perfect. How fantastic that he comes into your garden.


L. D. Burgus said...

The owl is a stunning looking creature. That is not one of your common birds at the the feeder type bird.

jennyfreckles said...

What an amazing owl. I'm amused at the golf ball story. I'm off to the Olympics next week - we finally managed to get some tickets (basketball) - I can't wait!