Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walk by the River

We took advantage of a high pressure system over our heads yesterday for a blue sky walk by the river in OK Falls. Today it is grey and rainy....
Did you know that "riff raff" comes from old French ( rif et raf ) and used to mean one and all? Now it just means rubbishy people or stuff....weird.
Looking over the weir bridge

Hanne with wild roses

The start of our walk

Walking by the river
You don't need to know this, but it was because our local TV reporter used it for a pile of boulders and rocks used to shore up an eroding river bank. Should have checked the dictionary! The river is high because they are letting more water out of Okanagan Lake because it is 10 points over maximum level....


L. D. Burgus said...

Yes it does look like you had a beautiful day for a walk. The sky looks great. Yes, I would not want to be called riff raff in my area of the country as it has very negative definitions here. Great shots.

Cartoon Characters said...

I grew up in OK Falls (30 years)....and there is lots of "riff raff" there, believe me!!!