Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hanne on the i-Pad

Computer Room
Hanne on the Deck, Version 2
Fives is probably so called because the ball is hit with the clenched hand or fist, gloved or bare, and as such was known as a "bunch of fives" meaning fingers. Fingers and hands are also suggested as the origin of the Roman Numeral system. Fingers were used as hand signals for each number. Ten would for example be signed by crossed thumbs or hands, five by the V between finger and thumb, and so on. Another neat idea I came across was in the Canadian magazine "More", in the May 2012 edition. To celebrate its fifth anniversary they had a whole article about the number five. One idea was "The five best ways of spending $5". Another was "The five best ways of spending five minutes". "Five things worth stealing" intrigued me: 1. Five minutes to yourself. 2. A backward glance. 3. The Spotlight. 4. A Kiss. 5. Inspiration. This last one is what I am doing right now, so I will follow their advice and give credit to them. Here is a link.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I really like the play of light and shadows in version 2 of Hanne on the Deck. B & W is a particularly nice way to enhance it.

Alan Burnett said...

I remember playing fives at school. But I am sure the ball was hit with a (gloved) open hand rather than a clenched hand. Maybe it was the northern version.