Monday, June 11, 2012


There are many ways to get in touch available to us in this modern age. These photos illustrate a few of them. I was struck by my grand-daughter's comment "if you want to see my grad pictures go on Facebook". But what if you aren't on it? and don't want to go on it?
1. Going to a Concert.  Seen On our deck. Some kind of Rock Concert for Spiders? ( The band is on the left)

Modern Communication ( They are both texting/surfing the net ) Add your own Caption!

The best communication of all- Face to Face...

Signs for Communication. Do you know where YOUR Muster Point is?
This is in Hinton Alberta. They must be expecting some disaster like a tornado or an atomic bomb?
One of our other problems as ancient citizens is that our young ones speak and write in strange foreign tongues, and too fast anyway.( Even on TV ).
But never mind, there are always our pictures in photo albums, so we shall be fine...


H said...

One of my nieces uses text shorthand to post messages on Facebook. I have to read them 3 or 4 times to decipher them. One of her friends commented "Don't you have vowels where you live?".

Cartoon Characters said...

If you want to see the photos your relatives put on Facebook, just ask them to copy and paste the link at the bottom of their "album".....and send it via email to you. It allows you to view the album without having to "join" facebook....which is a real plus! :)