Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Pigeon Lake

Pigeon Lake Alberta
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Thunder Cloud, Hinton Alberta

Dust Cloud, Thorsby Alberta
We have a keen photographic interest in clouds, hence today's photos. But did you know of Luke Howard ( 1772-1864 )? He was clever enough to use Latin to describe clouds, otherwise we could probably be describing them using French words ( Lamarck ). Luke was responsible for the words cumulus, stratus, cirrhus, etc., and their transitions, which we still use today. There is a blue memorial plaque on a house in Tottenham, London, where he died. Clouds are made of water technically called an aerosol, and on other planets, are made of methane or other chemicals. Oh by the way, the "Cloud"  in computer technology is so named because of its shape. ( see diagram).


Teresa Evangeline said...

Oh, I love clouds, too. These are wonderful photos. I love the way the light is sparkling on the water beneath the clouds in the first one.

Alan Burnett said...

And I always thought that cloud computing was trying to count how many clouds there were in the sky. Lovely pictures, as always.

L. D. Burgus said...

You have a wonderful collection of cloud photos. They are all great. You live in an area with big sky.