Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charlton Musgrove

Charlton Musgrove is a small place in Somerset UK. It is of interest because one of its residents moved here in 1902 and eventually built a house in Penticton, with 12 bedrooms because he had eleven children. He was called Hugh Charles Musgrove Leir (1880-1971).
Sketch from the Leir House Cultural Centre Brochure of the Front Entrance

Chamber Music Performance Area

Dining Room Art Gallery

Back View of Leir House

Front View 
His wife, Joyce Lane Hassell (1892-1955), fom Dareth, Kent, came here in 1913 and they were married a year later. Do any of you have a name from the place you were born? Anyway, yesterday we visited their house, built in 1929, now used as a Cultural Centre for Arts and Music.The first concert was held there in 1979 by classical guitarist Selwyn Redivo.
 It is called The Leir House Cultural Centre. Here are a few images from our visit.
Oh by the way, we have to connect the dots....


Cartoon Characters said...

This building used to be a residence for nurses and Med School Interns when I was working as a nurse at Penticton hospital 35 years ago. Glad they made it into something that is useful and beautiful!

Nice blog!!!

Cartoon Characters said...

I also knew some of the Leir grandchildren..... and visited the Leir farm....

Cartoon Characters said...

Also.......Hugo Redivo (Selwyn's father) did a family portrait and my sister's wedding photos back in the mid-70s