Friday, April 20, 2012

Special Days

A Powerful Machine to have in the Countryside

Endangered Species in Penticton

Nature and Man

Climate Change. Sketch by Michael
A human trait is to hold special days. We are very social creatures and enjoy celebrating events. Today is "High Five Day". It probably started in US Baseball in 1977, but there is talk of women's volleyball in 1960. We are supposed to give as many people a high-five today as possible.
Another Special Day is coming up on Sunday, "Earth Day" (for 47 years), on which at least a billion folk will make efforts to protect and nurture our planet against the ravages of, to put it simply, having too many people on it. This is to be followed on May 5th by another similar initiative, to show the world the harm it is coming to from pollution. (Check out
Our planet has such a finely, delicately balanced environment. Some weird report on the news today suggested that overwatering our Orchards produces more pollution.....
 We should all try and protect our only planet. High Five to that!

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Filip Demuinck said...

Congratulations Michael, the scetch is very beautiful.