Friday, April 27, 2012


Crop One. This shows the rain drops hanging under the branches

Crop Two. This is to make the picture bigger on the screen. Both views taken during yesterday's unusual rain, from our deck.

The Rain on our Patio Yesterday

To continue from yesterday. Nothing special really, just a whole month's rainfall in one day. A few basements flooded, bridges washed away, mudslides, a highway or two closed. Somehow I can't understand why cars bump into each other just because the road is wet. There were lots of collisions yesterday on the Bennet Bridge in Kelowna because of that, so they say. What ever happened to common sense I don't really know. I expect it has gone the way of good character, morality, honesty. All these new cars too with mind-blowing safety features and precision road-balancing technology. But then again all old people don't think much of the new generation....nor did they ever. Nobody connects the dots either. Electric cars don't pollute so no extreme weather caused by driving them. Yes they do have electric airplanes. They are called dirigibles. A bit slow though. Slow is good. Especially when it comes to reading the news on TV.... Check out and quit moaning Michael!


L. D. Burgus said...

It does amaze me that speed continues to be all they can accomplish and that when the surface changes their brains should know the moving object that they drive will react differently with a wet surface.

jennyfreckles said...

Seems like it's raining almost everywhere. I got soaked yesterday from a lorry driving through a puddle at the side of the road!

Alan Burnett said...

How can it be that we live some 4,457 miles away from each other (I have just used Google Earth to work that out) and yet we have exactly the same weather. Is that spooky, or what?

Michael and Hanne said...

You should have had your camera set to sports mode and taken seven photos in a second of that splash Jenny!
OO you are clever Alan. It will take 90 hours in a dirigible at 50 miles an hour to get there! Could be a nice holiday trip!

Michael and Hanne said...
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