Friday, April 6, 2012

April is Different

Alder Ave Kaleden

Athens Creek

Hardy Falls, Peachland

Warren Avenue Penticton

Osoyoos in April
April is definitely trying to be different from March, but the temperatures haven't changed much. Still hovering around zero Celsius, warming up a bit in the afternoons, but never past 10. However, there is lots of activity outside. Baseball and BMX have started ( in winter coats ); the Osprey and Turkey Vultures are back; and some blossoms are out. The honeysuckle is filling out with leaves, and I even found a couple of flies on the floor! Human activity on foot is confined almost exclusively to the ones being taken out for a walk by their dogs. The rest of humanity remains confined to a box on four wheels, clattering about on studded tires. You can tell those people apart because they wear indoor clothes, and only appear in the space between car and store...
Nevertheless we are very glad not to be in Alberta, they had up to 30cm of snow yesterday!

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Filip Demuinck said...

Like the lake, I also took some flower pictures today. Spring is so colourful.