Monday, March 26, 2012

Lake View

It is interesting how the folk who sell waterfront properties emphasize the view. In fact some use the view as their primary photographic selling point. The same applies to houses built way up in the hills, with superb views overlooking a fabulous piece of scenery of course. But do you really want a hill to take a walk on every day? There was a chap in Nanaimo who had a house with a steep driveway. Very steep. One day he developed angina. He could no longer walk up his driveway, so he had to move! I suppose he could have installed a lift....or a funicular railway!
This view costs $2,850,000

Railway up to your hillside lakeview cottage

On the left is a bran new rental property for summers only on Skaha Lake

The Arizona Look on Skaha Lake

First Blossom Tree, Skaha Lake
Which house would you buy? The above examples are from around here, overlooking lakes. I think I would want to see the house first, then see if there is adequate shade in the summer, and shelter from winter winds. Then consider the view.


Filip Demuinck said...

It looks like a town with many colours. Strange.


H said...

I certainly love my (modest) view and the lake views you show are extremely appealing but, thinking of the kind of snow you experience in BC, the house would need to be accessible.

Michael and Hanne said...

We have been snowed in four times, and snowed out once, in the last fifty years in Canada.
I remember helicopters being used to bring in food in winter in Derbyshire because of snow. How about in Yorkshire?