Thursday, March 15, 2012


We were out exploring the last two days, and the first day on Shingles Creek Road the sun was out and everything was sharp and clear. The second day on West Hill Drive it was misty and snowy, so things were a little dull. However, thanks to the sharpening button and slider our photos all turned out clear and our visual acuity was restored.
On the news recently we heard the new use of the word acuity. It is now being used to denote severity of need for medical care. If one's acuity level is extreme, a helicopter is dispatched. If low, a band-aid is applied. It is the sensitiveness of need that is addressed by its label of acuity level. In my day the word only referred to the sensitivity of vision or hearing mostly. This is one of the interesting consequences of living a long time: your language changes!
(The following photos are not representative of the last two days except the first one. I am having trouble emailing in just at present. Hope it resolves later....)
Wild Horses on First Nations Reserve Land

Shushwap River

Rail Line to Armstrong

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