Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Word Wild Wednesday

I don't usually go in for these "day" things but here is my own contribution.
Woodland Scene

Bald Headed Eagle

Snow Melting

SW English Harbour ( Painting)
(I love playing with words!)
1. I was interested to find that I could add every vowel to the ending "nkle" ( or "nkel" ) and still make a word. Ankle we know. Enkel is German for grandson. Inkle is a piece of coloured linen tape used for trimming. Onkel is Danish and Norwegian for uncle. Uncle is the last. (c is used in English for k).
2. Locomotive. Motive means "causing motion" and loco means "from a place". Loco in my early schoolboy days was slang for "crazy". No connection. ( "Loco" means "crazy" in Spanish! who knew? I didn't.)
3. This all started in the night when I heard noises in my tummy. These are called "Borborygmi" . That leads to onomatopoeia, ( a word that has almost all the vowels) and so we come full circle.

"The cat meowed for attention,
The phone crackled by mistake,
I crunched on my food,
What noise do you make?"

This is an onomatopoeic poem by Marinela Reka, you can learn more about her here.

4. Finally borborygmi leads to Borabora, a wonderful tropical holiday resort island in the Leeward Island group. Maybe you would like to go there to escape from this winter's arctic air, or to escape from crazy bloggers....?


Desiree said...

That was fun! I have now learnt the word for rumbling tummies.

Filip Demuinck said...

The painting and the eagle are just fabulous.


Alan Burnett said...

And like all wold things, there is a beauty anout both the words and the images which are memorable.

Angela Häring-Christen said...

4 verschiedene Bilder und alle sind toll.
Wow, das 2. Foto ist genial. Gratulation!
Ich wünsche euch beiden einen schönen Tag.
Liebe Grüsse