Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Snowy Sepia Trees
Welcome Sign

Osoyoos from Anarchist Mountain

A possible future place to go. A bed and breakfast with an observatory telescope on Anarchist Mountain

Barbara capturing the splendid view to the west of the Cascade Mountains.

We visited Osoyoos once again, this time in winter, and the lake was frozen over. Our friends Kaj and Barbara came along for the ride, and we had lunch together in town. Soyoos means "narrowing on the waters" in native first peoples' language, and the "O" was added by white settlers to harmonize with other names in the region like "Oliver","Oyama" and "Okanagan". It was fun to drive on high, scenic roads over packed snow, then come down a steep, snaking road on Anarchist mountain (4892 feet) to snow-free travel once again in the South Okanagan Valley below. The mountain's name was from 1922 and came because Richard Sidley, a famous settler from the late 19th Century, was a bit of an anarchist apparently, but he can't have been too bad because the town of Sidley was also named after him!

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Filip Demuinck said...

The third and last pictures a just amazing. Is this a long distance from where you live?