Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Day of Holiday

We enjoyed our last evening in Chemainus attending a banquet dinner and theatre afterwards, returning home the following day through some rain but no snow or ice thank goodness!
Hanne sitting on our hotel deck enjoying the warm sun in Tofino

View from the top of "Radar Hill" near Tofino.

Lunch in Parksville (East Coast of the Island) on the way to the ferry.

Sand patterns on the beach in Parksville in the rain.

Old timber-pulling engine from the late 19th Century and our hotel in Chemainus in the background.
The drive through heavy traffic from the ferry terminal at Tswwassen was quite an eye-opener for me. Not having to keep my eyes on the road meant I could look through the side window. I have never seen so many heavy trucks, chicken farms, vegetable and fruit farms, sheds and barns, houses and condos, and car after car with only one person in each, in my whole life. There are so many people in the world! Then to reach the mountains and hardly see a soul for hundreds of miles! What a contrast!
This brings me to "anthropomorphic collective nouns" as sent to us by our friend Inge.
Here is a complete list you may enjoy. I'm not sure of the one for the crowds that populate our big cities more and more as time goes on. Any suggestions?

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