Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crescent Beach

Lonely? Troubled? or just Thinking?

Hide under the deck everyone! There's that big bad Eagle here again!

Coots. "Everyone stay close!"

Icicles on the diving board

His Majesty Eating the Coot
There must be many Crescent Beaches in the world, but this one in Summerland BC caught our interest yesterday. The sky was blue, there was a cold North wind blowing, (I had to blow on my fingers a few times whilst taking these photos) but it was cruel fun watching, as a flock of coots were trying to keep away from a hungry young Bald Eagle. He eventually caught a straggler, and consumed his catch on the deck with little black feathers flying in the wind. So; we all have to kill to eat, even nice people....we are a horrible lot. Meanwhile it was quiet in the park, and the icicles dangled peacefully from the diving board.

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Filip Demuinck said...

These coots are really close. Great picture. In my language it is called a Koet.