Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This and That

Flailing through the daily broadsheets, I find a few morsels for our readers. First a little piece for Des, an article which reminded us of her interests:"The arrival of a new puppy has given a boost to Catherine Howard's garden renovation plans".
For us:-today is a remarkable day in history: ( or it could be ): it is the first day of the hearings into the proposed new oil pipeline in Kitimat BC. About 4000 people will try to make their case for or against. It will take until 2013 to complete. You can expect a full report next year....
Then for Alan a bit about how to make orange beer....
Winter View from Athens Creek
For the girls, a new record by Leonard Cohen called Darkness. We just listened to a track called "Show me the Place" which we think is up there with his best.

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